The TIMEƎMIT Project is my attempt at an adventure map. I've never done anything like this but I do have a love of building things. So I came up with this.

After moving to the land of Azurintex blight has befallen your former homeland. You received a letter from the mayor of one of the major cities stating that your parents have succumbed to the plague it has wrought. Thus you have begun a journey to your homeland of Vontique Valley to collect your inheritance and unravel the mystery of what happened to your homeland. Can you make it to the twin cities in one piece or will Vontique Valley chew you up and spit you out?

You Could follow my 3 easy steps to truly experience what this map has to offer!

  • Create a brand new character and promptly delete everything in your inventory.
    • I say new character so you have no max health/mana upgrades, otherwise it would be just delete your inventory.
    • I recommend either Softcore of Hardcore. Mediumcore can make you unable to progress from getting items destroyed and you may not know it.
    • Remember it is an Expert map so think carefully when choosing death difficulty.
  • NO PICKAXE or BOMBS please. Delete it in the beginning. Delete them if you find them. You wont need it.
    • This map wont be made to prevent you from obtaining a pickaxe/bombs... just delete them if you find/make/buy one. (Make something else instead?)
  • NO WIRE ITEMS (Any items that make wires visible on your screen.) Please delete them if obtained.
    • Again, I'm not making this to disable you from obtaining these items so... You know. Honor system.

Follow those rules and you should have a fun, challenging, and ultimately rewarding play-through!

I WILL NOT TAKE DONATIONS, DON'T EVEN ASK PLEASE. I would rather you post a comment about your appreciation instead of giving me money for doing something I was going to do regardless. Hehehe! I'm no panhandler.


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