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The Ruined Land is exactly that - a world in which the surface is completely covered in Corruption and Crimson. It's your job to survive in this scarred world, find the custom loot, and terraform it so that it may be livable once more. 


This is my first map, and I wasn't going to release it originally, but I might as well.


Story and tips:


"It was all so beautiful once... What happened?


The hiss of the landing gear filled the eerie silence as the landing craft settled on a floating mass of land, high above the scarred world below. The metal doors hissed open slowly as a dark figure stepped down onto the grass below, eyeing the horizon for signs of life. A second figure stepped down onto the island, holding a small plant in her hands. They had waited long enough. They were finally home.


Unbeknownst to the new visitors, they were being watched. Not all life was gone, and what remained lurked in the shadows. Flying swarms of infected flesh patrolled the skies, and giant worms infested the ground. The less damaged areas had sprouted blood-red shadewood forests, teeming with more complex, but nonetheless terrifying life.


Several years ago the Moon Lord had descended upon this world, ravaging it, and leaving it corrupt and ruined. A handful of people had managed to escape shortly before disaster struck, and had orbited the planet for three years as the surface was destroyed. But these people had not given up hope, and were determined to revive their world, and take revenge against the one who ruined it."


More valuable loot is further from the center of the map.
The underground has largely been spared by the force that ruined the surface.
Plants and other 'common' materials are far more scarce - use them well.


How to Terraform the land:
Cleanse the surface so that less than 5% is corrupted/crimsoned
Remove all silt and ash
Remove all lava and obsidian
Destroy the floating corrupt/crimson meteorites
Purify (remove the paint from) or destroy the giant trees
Fill in holes, and remove dead trees
Plant grass and acorns


Environment/world designer - Morgan Clasper
Writer - Morgan Clasper
Loot distributor - Jackson Clasper

This map is dedicated to William the Tavernkeep, the original NPC you were going to start with, who decided that swimming in lava was a smart thing to do.