Terraria PVP Map! will start downloading in 5 seconds...


Hello all, been working a while on my ideal class wars type pvp map for terraria. Here's the result;

Here it is!

The map includes 3 base classes and 3 hidden classes! A hidden dungeon area that holds powerful artifacts to give you an edge in your battle and a plethora of traps, easter eggs and more!

Base classes;

Invader- High mobility class meant to rush and harass
(see if you can spot the 3 hidden classes revealed in this video!)

Architect- Defenisve class that excels at locking down an area
(Video coming soon!)

Lurker- A stealth class that deals high damage to gank the unwary

This map has been play-tested to death, and spans over 450 revisions!

For more info check out this thread!