Terraria Fortress 2

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Pick a class and fight with your friends on the classic map 2Fort. Classes are already set up from the fiery pyro to the stealthy spy. PVP setup include team death-match or capture the gem.

Features: 9 classes each with different abilities and items. A faithful recreation of the map 2Fort from TF2

How to play: Keep a backup save of the world as items taken from chests will be gone otherwise. You can either use the characters from the download or take items for each class in the preset chests. When you first enter the map either go left for the blue team or right for the red team. If you use characters from the download, you will spawn in the "Spawn 1" of the red or blue team depending on which characters you use. There are two bases/spawns for each team, Spawn 1 is where the main resupply is where you can find the class items, and consumable spares. Spawn 2 contains ammo. All spawns contain a nurse for healing and money in chests to use in order to be healed.

Rules: 1.) You must start as a new character and bin all starting items , then pick 1 class, the items for each class are in chests which correspond with the signpost by them or your class will already be set up if you use the preset characters from the download. 2.) All prefixes are intentional, do not try and change them. 3.)No spawn trapping, it makes the game less fun for everyone 4.)If you want to change class, disconnect and create a new character to use. You can then either use the original characters than you receive after the download, or you can take items from the chests provided 5.) Make sure NOT to take items from chests which are not your class. 6.) Do not use the same character for different classes e.g. using the heavy character and then changing to scout,with the scout keeping its existing high health. Change character and get the right amount of health from the chests. 7.) Do not try and break the blocks or escape the 2Fort arena. 8.) Keep PVP on at all times unless agreed with the other team. Also stay on your team, either red or blue. You may only change team if the other team and your team agree. 9.) Do not go into the other teams spawn. 10.) Do not share any potions unless you are the medic. Only use potions which are given to you by the medic class. As the medic, you may only give out 1 potion at a time.11.) Do not bring in any items from other worlds. Only use items which are provided should be used.

Tips: Set a spawn in the beds at either sides of the map, appropriate for your team. If you run out of ammo get some more at the re-supply which is located in the respective team spawns. When you re-spawn, use the nurse to get full health again. If you run out of money, get some more from the re-supply chests. It is recommend to take only a small amount of money at a time as this will cost less when restoring health from the nurse. Use soft-core characters. Suggested 6+ players.

TSHOCK It is highly recommended to use TSHOCK as you can protect areas from being destroyed. All brick on the map cannot be destroyed by explosives but wood platforms can therefore it is recommended to use TSHOCK to protect the arena. (2 dirt blocks are placed around the top left and top right corners of the arena to set protected regions.)


Scout: The fastest of all the classes armed with his signature shotgun, the Scout is sure to leave an enemy spinning from his speed, and stinging from his shotgun. The scout also has the ability to double jump.

Soldier: Armed with explosive "rockets" and the ability to "rocket jump", the Soldier is a true killing machine.

Pyro: The Pyro loves to play with fire and likes to share his love with other players by letting them meet his flame-thrower.

Demoman: The Demoman knows about explosives and either send you flying backwards or exploding outwards.

Heavy: With the most health, the Heavy is the slow moving tank of the team , soaking up damage and dishing it out with his "minigun".

Engineer: The Engineer isn't all running about and firing his guns like a lunatic. Instead he is all about placing his dart traps on the ground and firing them off there like a lunatic. Note: The engineer can damage his own team when using dart traps.

Medic: The Medic is armed with many potions for battle and is the only class which can dish them out, but only 1 at a time.

Sniper: The Sniper deals high damage to all enemies and can easily kill an enemy in a couple of shots. Great for picking off enemies at a distance.

Spy: The Spy is the master of stealth and uses invisibility potions to hide himself. He can catch opponents unaware and impale them on his blade before they know what hit them.

Feel free to leave a comment on what you think of the map and whether anything should be changed.

Thanks to those who helped me create and update my maps with their ideas.


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