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A little Adventure/Collectaton map part of a bigger project. You are part of a New Crew chosen for gathering vital minerals in a mysterious planet full of hostiles monsters. you arrive to the Mothership where the General Rariaz will give to you the equipment necessary to explore the Planet Called TerRa-01.

  • Rariaz will give the task of collect all you equipment:
  1. 1 Anti Toxic Waste Suit
  2. 2 Primary melee Weapon
  3. 3 Primary / secondary / special + ammo range weapon
  4. 4 Heart crystals + Mana crystals.

and if you find the especial key(hidden in TerRa-01) you can unlock the Advance weapons.

Once you get your equipment is time to decend to the Planet TerRa-01 but Oops you forgot your Pickaxe... dont worry find your crew maybe they have one extra.

Now your journey begins: You must collect 5 large Amethyst, 4 are hidden 1 must be crafted by collecting 15 amethyst. But Watch out with the Mytical and dangerous monster. When you collect the 5 Large amethyst you Win Congratulation.

  • Rules:
  1. 1 Don't Break any block or furniture.
  2. 2 New Character can be, easy, medium or hard, choose your challenge.
  3. 3 You cant re-shape the blocks by hammering
  4. 4 Drop your starting items.

Have Fun.

Adventure time: 30 min - 1 hr.





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