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Welcome to this seemingly regular map. Terom is a Hard-Mode, medium sized map with decent housing for NPC's and biomes. But there is more to discover. Be ready to explore and find..
-A very nice house with plenty of space, storage rooms, mini biome farms, teleporters and crafting rooms.
-Well protected biomes (from the spreading crimson, hallow, corruption)

-3 huge mazes that end with a specific arena. (Hallow - easy) (Corruption - Hard) (Crimson - Very Hard)
-Amplified right ocean
-Secret shadow room (empty). Hint: A faint light that you may see while falling through the Hallevator will lead you to a teleporter.

-Secret Negative Edgelands (protected chest with powerful items). Hint: Purity between the Crimson and the Ocean. There you may find a teleporter.

-Secret Old Town (you can move there all the NPC's). Hint: The garden next to your house .

-Teleporter Room that leads to all the needed places.

-Jungle Arena full of plantera bulbs.

-Moon Lord Arena (above the house)

-Two hellavators, both easy to access from the main house.

-Desert - Purity Tower

- Gravestones from my adventures

- Other stuff that you may find
Any ideas and opinions are welcome! (This is my first project)


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