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I recently started playing again after a long 5 years and got to building as it's my favorite thing to do. Lot to discover!




  • Medium
  • Corruption
  • All difficulties available
  • No bosses defeated and completely unexplored


The bases consist of:

1. A large farm

2. NPC housing

3. A crafting area

4. A storage area

5. A potion brewery  

6. A gel farm (other statues only drop items when hit by summon)

7. A centralized spawn area (initial spawn is the center of the base)

8. Dedicated fishing for almost every biome (Sky lake is right above arena)

9. A large glowing mushroom farm (with a harvest switch). Yields ~1000 mushrooms on full harvest.

10. An Etherian arena (Also works for invasions and blood moons, just stand on one side. Can also place Lihzahrd Altar underneath within the honey.)

11. 8 Pylons (Forest, Jungle, Ocean, Mushroom, Desert, Cavern, Hollow, and Snow). There is a hellevator in the Cavern base and the Desert pylon is near the Dungeon. Basic NPCs have been spawned to allow pylon usage with the exception of Hollow.


Feel free to not use or remove any parts of the bases you feel give too much of an advantage. Leave a comment on what you think!