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  1. Sadly this is from my personal map, so its thoroughly tunneled to remove corruption and hallow
  • 100% clean of hallow and corruption
  • Completely done by hand and painstakingly farmed all resources, no cheated items are or where used on this map
  • All Npc's
  • Includes Invasion arena
  • Some goodies if you can find them
  1. Designed a extremely awesome skyboat (sails into new worlds to start mining op's)
  • Skyship has infinite obsidian generator
  • Insanely defended and equipped for intruders (enemies)
  • Med Bay
  • Engine room, Has 3 way fuel infusion with tri thrusters and control rooms
  • Telepads to and fro cockpit and main staging area
  • Great eye candy for your maps
  • Lava death drop hatch
  1. Formal winter get-away mansion
  • In snow biome for the easy nights

This is my first map so its probably really crappy but at least there is the skyship and bunker in the ground so that's a plus; Ill also include the schematics for the skyship as a separate if you want to deploy it on your own worlds (or newer future ones too!)