Skyland Angels

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While you and fellow angels embraced the skies above, trouble was stirring down below...

In a fit of blind rage at a small tribe of progressing people, the great Lord of the Moon obliterated the small planet below and scattered small chunks of the planet apart.

The tribe did not survive.

So God has now tasked you, His angel servants in human form, to rebuild what is left of this small world, and avenge the tribesmen's lives...




This is a small sky island map designed for UP TO 4 PLAYERS, but you may play with less.

It was built with NORMAL difficulty.

Various key items and treasures have been scattered across the world by God to help you on your quest.




Myself, MandrewID, and my friend FrenchToast designed this map together.

Note that this is our first ever terraria map so it might be bad and probably has many flaws;

I hope you still enjoy it regardless...    :)


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