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You start on an island of 25 dirt/grass blocks, 1 jungle grass block, 1 mushroom grass block, and a tree. You must work to get every single block you'll need.


There are only 6 tiny islands total to get resources from. The first 4 are at the center of the map: spawn, demon altar, temple, and underworld.

The last 2 are for the dungeon, many blocks to the right of spawn.


The map is meant for Terraria 1.4+

Will you be able to progress through vanilla terraria with only these limited resources? Download the map and find out!


I will be uploading my full playthrough to YouTube soon!




CrabBar for the idea! Check out his channel here:


My map has many improvements of his unreleased map, making it possible to beat the game on.


Terraria Logo Maker for the Logo! Check it out here:





Progression Tips:

Start by killing slimes, which can drop presents (for the first day, or if you set your computer time near Christmas) containing blocks! Use them to expand your farm along with trees.

Get NPC's for various goodies.

Get your first bomb by either killing normal slimes or going to the Cavern layer and finding a Skeleton Merchant.

Combine bombs with your 25 starting dirt to get infinite dirt with dirt bombs!

Go to the demon altar and summon the Eye of Cthulhu.

Kill the Eye and now the Dryad can spawn! Use her items to get grass seeds, corrupt seeds, and vile powder (during a bloodmoon).

Farm for Worm Food in a newly made corrupt biome.

Summon the Eater of Worlds and use its loot to make a Nightmare Pickaxe.

Go to the Underworld where you will find a small island with 45 hellstone, 15 obsidian, and a hellforge; get to mining it carefully-mining hellstone will create lava!

Use the hellstone to generate a lava pool big enough to fish in.

Once you have enough lava, make a Lavaproof Bug Net and catch some fire creatures.

Now you can lava fish! Many new resources can be gotten from this, such as water and ore.

With the water you can try and make a pond to fish faster and get more crates.

You need to prep for hardmode by getting a lot of mud and jungle grass ready so Chlorophyte ore can spawn in an artificial underground jungle.

Whenever you're ready, fight the wall of flesh and take on Hardmode.

Make an underground soul of night/light farm, and fish for better armor.

After killing Skeletron and going through the mini dungeon, you have all the resources to take on the mechanical bosses!

Kill them and get a Pickaxe Axe so you can start mining Chlorophyte ore. Make sure you leave some behind to let it grow back!

Take on Plantera.

Open the temple door, kill lihzahrds, and fight Golem.

Take on the Lunatic Cultist, the Celestial Pillars, and finally the Moon Lord.


Let me know if there are any issues with the map, and I will try to fix it!