Silent Hill 2 Adventure Map

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  • - Fixed "Hell" that could not be finished due to World Border Limit. Thanks to Curse Forge user Cade51 for pointing this out.
  • - Fixed some typos... again.
  • - Fixed the EoW room's wood platforms to be more user-friendly.
  • - New Difficulty Added: Very Easy.
  • - Added a Colored Torch chest for Easy difficulty.
  • - Added Colored Torches at some places.
  • - Added some complementary Wire Switch rooms.
  • - Added a couple of new weapons, accessories and misc items from Terraria's 1.1 update.
  • - Pete's Bowl-o-Rama added.


  • - Added a second door the Historical Society. Breaking down the wood patch canceled the Spawn point and sets it back to the beginning. Credit goes to Curse Forge user Rootbeerbottle for pointing this out.
  • - Added a bed before the Eater of World battle room.
  • - Moved the bed to the right after the Eater of World battle room. It could be clicked through the fence, which made the battle room skip-able by dying.


  • - Changed the Wood Side Apartment's Red Brick to Green Brick. More enemy spawn.
  • - Added more mine shafts in the Wiltse Coal mine to make it more confusing.
  • - Some spots here and there needed to be patched with Walls.
  • - Added an hint after the first jump in the Prison.
  • - Added a note about the Eye of Cthulhu on the Evil Hospital's Roof.
  • - Fixed a bunch of typos in the signs.
  • - NEW DUNGEON: Evil Lake View Hotel.


  • - Increased Wood Side/Blue Creek Apartment's roof size to force enemy spawn inside the buildings.
  • - Added a Bed checkpoint in the Historical Society and the Prison.
  • - Redesigned the docks. Added a lighthouse and a lighthouse keeper room.
  • - Added some wooden platforms in the "impossible" areas of the Wiltse Coal mine. You can still craft platforms and the Grappling Hooks stays.
  • - Added a chest to a "secret" location.
  • - Name in Terraria changed from "Silent Hill" to "Silent Hill 2 Adv. Map vX.XX".


  • - Changed the position of the torch. It was too dark to see...
  • - Added the Grappling Hook. The Wiltse Coal Mine was too hard without it. It's still possible to complete the map without the Grappling Hook.


  • - Map Done