Silent Hill 2 Adventure Map

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(Warning: This map may contain writings which deals with mature themes and is not suited for very young children. Players discretion is advised.)

James Sunderland has been mourning the death of his wife Mary for 3 years when one day, after one too many drink, he receives a letter in the same hand-writing as Mary, telling him to meet her at their "special place". For James, this special place can only be where he and Mary spent their last vacation together: Silent Hill.

Is she really alive, waiting there for James? Hill Terraria/JAMESSILENTHILL2small_zpsyf1gtcxn.jpg


  • - Single player adventure which mostly uses Guns as primary weapon.
  • - Large, dark labyrinths and dungeons.
  • - It's dark everywhere, only your torch to light you up
  • - Story and setting inspired by Silent Hill 2
  • - 4 Difficulty Mode + Expert Mode variant.
  • - 4 Endings + 2 Extra Endings.
  • - NG+-only loot and endings
  • - When you finish the map, you can keep your character and escort someone in multiplayer.


  • - New Character Only. Dump your starting items.
  • - Keep your Copper Short-sword at the beginning. That's your "Pocket Knife".
  • - Do not craft Torches or Wooden Platforms.
  • - When you acquire the Pickaxe, do not pick any block unless a Sign tells you to.
  • - You can use any usable bed as a Checkpoint.
  • - Follow the Signs. They may contain hints as to what to do next.
  • - You are allowed to take your character into your own world and drop unwanted loot if you become over-encumbered.

Enjoy a restful and peaceful vacation....

Install Instruction

  • - Download the file.
  • - Extract the WLD file and the WLD backup in your Terraria's World folder (C:\Documents and Settings\YOURNAMEHERE\My Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds)
  • - Open Terraria and select "Silent Hill 2 Adv. Map vX.XX"
  • - Enjoy!


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This map was made using Terraria and TEdit.

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