The Room of Death!


A new gamemode by Zeniai.

Hello everyone Zeniai here,

today i present to you all my new Terraria gamemode called The Room of Death.

this map is based around PvE , player versus environment.

This 15 minutes taking game can bring lots of fun for single but especially multiplayer.

In the map you need to Dodge traps like : Boulder, active stone , lava , dart , skeletons , sand and much more!

The best part, is that you have to do NOTHING,

the room is fully automatic and uses different patterns to make the game last for hours of fun with your friends!

In the map you will find 3 Rooms and the option to allow to spawn the Eater Of Worlds,

this is recommended for more experienced players,

since the EoW will spawn after 3 minutes after the room is activated,

this means if everyone already died he spawns between 2 rounds!

There is a guide video on my Youtube channel


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