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=== April 6, 2019 (v.1.06) ===


-Improved aesthetics for a few areas

-Added signs to encourage froggy players to beat the bosses without using Health Potions, lol


=== November 12, 2018 (v1.05 reupload) ===


-Hotfixed the Clothier's room.  When I expanded the Skeletron arena, I accidentally moved his room into a less hospitable area.


=== September 29, 2018 (v1.05) ===


-Greatly improved aesthetics for King Slime's boring stage  

-Multiple other details that I don't remember off the top of my head


=== September 11, 2018 (v1.04 again) ===


-Hotfixed a couple issues, including the Clothier misbehaving


=== August 18, 2018 (v1.04) ===


-Arena improvements for multiple bosses!

-More secrets!

-A bunch of obscure little improvements that I don't specifically remember right now!


=== May 20, 2018 (v1.03) ===


-Nurse can now be relocated to multiple save rooms

-Many minor changes, like more peace candles, flavor text, and aesthetic details

-Expert mode should be available within the next month or so!  Oh boy!  We'll see...


=== February 9, 2018 (v1.02) ===


-Fixed some chests, some spawns, and minor aesthetics


=== January 23, 2018 (v1.01) ===


-Secret tweaks ;) and fixed multiple aesthetic errors


=== January 13, 2018 (v1.0) ===


*Official Release!*


-Balance tweaks, e.g. made Keys of Light and Night craftable earlier on 

-New extra endgame/postgame stuff!  

-Various aesthetic changes, to make stuff look and sound cooler  

-A few new info and narrative signs

-Thanks to everyone who has played and/or given feedback up to this point!  (Special thanks to FuryForged for his video series!)


*Expert Mode version coming soon!* ;)


=== January 2, 2018 (v0.4.2) ===


-Vaguely fixed a secret battle.  Fingers crossed!

-Added a bonus room for people who make it to the end with a Hardcore character!  Whoa!

-Removed Wormhole Potions from the Booster Pack chests, and instead, made some 2-player mini-puzzles to obtain them

-Added the Painter for gigs

-A few other minor fixes and improvements.  I think we're almost ready for official release!  (whatever that means)


=== December 31, 2017 (v0.4.1) ===


-Added multiple NPCs to the play area

-Added multiple new secrets, some requiring multiple players to get to

-Moved the anvil to its (probably) final resting location

-Removed the mysterious (literally useless) lever in Duke Fishron's arena (that I forgot to remove previously)



=== December 20, 2017 (v0.4) ===


-Fixed some embarrassingly broken stuff.  (crystal mining, extra puzzle solutions, et al)  Sorry about that!

-Added a much better conclusion to the super-secret path.  Sorry there wasn't a good one before!

-Moved the anvils to a more sensible location.  Sorry that they were so awkward!

-Added a bunch of new hidden items.  Sorry!

-Added/slightly modified achievements.  Sorry for being sorry!


=== December 12, 2017 (v0.3.5) ===


-Moved a few chests and items around

-Tweaked stuff, such as the King Slime arena

-Added secrets and aesthetics like always


=== December 9, 2017 (v0.3.4) ===


-Aesthetics, OCD details, and a few secret things


=== December 8, 2017 (v0.3.3) ===


-You now start in a smaller room, to keep enemies out while you get acquainted with the map

-Added lots of Wormhole Potions

-Added more near-endgame stuff

-Many minor fixes and adjustments, as well as aesthetic improvements


=== December 7, 2017 (v0.3.2) ===


-Nerfed the Yoyo selection in Hardmode.  Kraken?!  What was I thinking?!

-Fixed the Cobalt Armor set to have a ranged-spec headpiece

-Other new deets


=== December 6, 2017 (v0.3.1) ===


-Made the Solar Eclipse stage more interesting

-Other secret things


=== December 4, 2017 (v0.3) ===


-Added a Solar Eclipse arena so that you can have more stuff to do while you're waiting to face the Mechanical Bosses (pretty simple as of yet)

-Clarified some rules on red signs



=== November 26, 2017 (v0.2.1) ===


-Added significant flavor text in R'lyeh

-Added the Witch Doctorate


=== November 25, 2017 (v0.2) ===


-Added a new optional stage for invasion events

-Added/changed a couple achievements

-I am pretty sure I figured out a way to make the NPCs behave a little bit more.  I guess time will tell.

-Improved some aesthetics

-Miscellaneous  minor tweaks


=== November 24, 2017 (v0.1) ===


Initial release for beta testing.  Here we go!