Revenge! - An epic adventure map. will start downloading in 5 seconds...




  • Read all signs before opening chests.
  • You can buy from vendors. The only things you can't buy are Dynamite, Bombs, etc. No explosives. And no buying picks, etc.
  • No tools. They will be provided as needed.
  • No crafting. You will at times be needed to place blocks, you shouldn't have problems needing to take them out though.


  • Put the world file into your Worlds folder. Instructions here.
  • Do not create a new character. I've supplied a character with the necessary starting items. Put him in your Players folder. His name is Rivers. Follow the same instructions for installing the world but put him in your "Players" folder.
  • If you're at the Player and/or World limit, you may need to back-up one of the worlds/players to see the world/player.


  • Due to only one person needing the map, all multiplayer players need to create a new character.
  • Up to 4 players can adventure their way through.

Let's Play by YouTube member TerrariaHelp

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Special thanks to scaryguy334, Boarden, AndrijaG1, Rarity, and Kiko-Maxx for beta testing for me.