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Update: So its been nearly a year since I've created Quest for Adventure... And I think its time to make a 1.3 update to celebrate a map that I have respected for nearly a year! Enjoy "A Quest for Adventure 1.3"!

People in the land have wondered when the next Hero(s) would appear to save them and keep them safe. For many years no one has come to their aid. But now (a Hero/Heroes) are rising to begin their quest for adventure and save the land from all that is evil!

Team up with friends or fight by yourself in this not so fast paced RPG adventure map!

Use 4 different types of classes.

Warrior - Sword loving hack&slashing buffed Swordsman!

Mage - The one who is mystic and has great powers once achieved!

Archer - Bow lover, Arrow lover, Ranged lover!

Gunslinger - The only class that uses guns for a living!

With most of the odds on his/her/their back(s) the Hero(s) set out on his/her/their first Quest for Adventure!

Not so FAQ: Why did you create this map?
A: I wanted to make a new approach to map making and thought of making a much longer one!

Q: Will there be new classes?
A: Possibly... I have to fit everything correctly for it to be implemented.

Q: Why did you say it was gonna be delayed?
A: Twisted mod had stopped in production which made me will depressed. Thus, i was determined to get this map off my chest and i did!

Q: Whats the purpose of this map?
A: Play it and find out!

Q: Spelling errors?
A: Yes.. expect many of them... -_- But it will still be readable! :D

Q: Were you inspired by Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy and made this map cause of them?
A: Kinda... But a few other maps made me want to make this map. It was meant to be a Tutorial map for parkour noobs.

Q: Alright after reading the desc., am I going to enjoy this map?
A: Try it!

Q: Why did you supply me with so much loot?
A: I didn't. Its a 4 player map so there's 4 sets of items for each player. And only 1 Class per player :)

Q: How can I help?
A: Play the map or recommend it to people. Or give me ideas. Anything useful is helpful!

Enjoy! (More FAQ possible...)