PvP Maze Arenas

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PvP Maze Arenas

A multiplayer PvP Map

Spooky Arena

This is how the Spooky arena looks like. With it's unique and fun style to play in it. Being the smallest Arena and first one ever made it's hazard makes up for it. The light's in the entire arena turn on and off making the entire arena dark. This ga...

Lihzahrd Arena

This is how the Lihzahrd Arena looks like

With it's peculiar divided stage for the temple and a resemblance to the big tree in the game it has a pretty unique hazard that makes up if both players are in both opposite places.

- both the ...

Hell Arena

This is how the Hell or Underworld Arena looks like. This arena is very unique due to being the one arena in the map for having the most hazard and by far my favorite hazard yet \^-^/

- With it's close resemblance to the underworld players can...

Abandoned Mine Arena

This is how the Abandoned Mine Arena looks like. even though the map says that it's called the Subterranean Arena It's been changed to this new title since it fits it better.

This arena is the least Hazardous one since it practically doesn't c...

Teleport Arena

This is how the Teleport arena looks like. Seriously! this arena wouldn't have been possible to complete if the Blue and Green wrench didn't exist, and it was close to be a failure due to the wires connecting with other undesirable wires or failing a...

Honey/Slime Arena

This is how the Honey/Slime Arena looks like. Newly added to the map, I still haven't been able to play this one with any friend yet, but you can.

This arena has a very close resemblance with the Lihzahrd Arena due to having two sections with ...