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  In this Terraria map you have to survive a endless amount of Pigrons and you will have to start the world as a host before letting players join you cause the host has to spawn in the house on top of the game while using the lever to spawn Birds to spawn Pigrons cause the Bird engine spawns Pigrons and makes more birds to play the host in the house must spawn at least one Bird and the endless game will start and players will try to kill the Pigrons with the stuff in the chest the host can tell the players that they can only take one mount or put back the items when you are done playing and you can watch my video on how to play this if you still don't know how to play and here is the link: and you can edit the world to make it bigger or whatever you want to do to it besides one thing. DON'T REMOVE THE CREDITS ON TOP OF THE PIGRON RUN GAME!