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in this world i tried to build roller coasters across the whole map for both the 102mph mechanical cart and all the carts that go 66mph. i think i put a bunch of carts in the chest at spawn. i havent gotten around to adding a path for the default 51mph cart yet.

there are several places i thought i should have a beautiful building but then i realized i am not good at that hahaha (particularly the bottom right corner of hell, i left a huge space for i dunno some kind of evil castle or something) this made me wonder if i actually have aphantasia, that thing AmyRightMeow made a video on youtube about where you cant picture things in your mind. maybe its just all the pandemic business, ive gone into a tunnel in my brain?

anyway, i hope you enjoy my roller coasters. they should just work automatically, from default spawn point all around the map and back unless there is a sandstorm or if Terraria is being weird and you clip through a track after a jump. but at least one of those clips is supposed to happen. also, some of the teleporters will just not fire for no reason sometimes. speaking of that, there is one teleporter right next to some lava. that one didnt work one time and i almost died. besides that, i didnt put in any parts where the track takes you through lava. i think the only way you could die on the path besides monsters is if you drown, but i dont think there are any parts where you would be underwater that long. maybe though...

oh also, it helps if you have a shell to make you a merfolk or if you carry a trident but i think it should still work if you experience water traction