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Novates jump concepts v1.0.6d (updated 14/09/2011

This is essentially a Jump Challenge map made to explore some of the concepts of platforming mechanics in this game. Started wip release on 11/06/2011 finished full release on 28/07/2011 Had to fix map due to 1.0.6 patch, finished fixing 11/09/2011

Grievances or bug reports will be considered and feedback is appreciated =)

Overview of map

  • Difficulty range of map medium and onwards (consider this a warning ;p)
  • Made to support 1-4 players
  • 30+ levels/chambers combined + extras
  • playtime:?? (3hr+ on last test many versions ago someone post their playtime please ;p)

Instructions / rules

  • Start a new character (Or don't. It doesn't really matter)
  • No breaking of blocks unless told to.
  • Read the signs and follow what equipment you are allowed to use for each level.
  • You may want to turn autopause off for some levels.
  • Try not to cheat ;p


A great Installation guide for terraria maps can be found here: http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/how-to-install-a-map-in-terraria.17398/ However if you already have 5 worlds you will need to back one of them up and then replace with this one. You do not have to rename the file for it to work.

Concepts explored

  • Immunity walking. (Hurting self on purpose to use the immunity granted to traverse obstacles)
  • Mid obstacle equipment switching (changing accesories mid jump to traverse obstacles)
  • Door flinging (using grapple to boost with a door)
  • Hell arrow jumps (basically rocket jumping)
  • Permanent webs.
  • Introduction to Underwater grapple mechanics.
  • The usual generic basic stuffs.

I probably did not discover these things first, but I did come up with it on my own. The above concepts have also been combined in various ways as well to create even harder jump obstacles. Though it does start off nice and easy.... Goodluck =)

Map discussion found here: http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/novates-jump-concepts.32173/