The Missing King


Warning: This project is experimental. Its files will not synchronize across the CurseForge network.

Player: You realize that your king is missing from the palace... You tell your 2 best friends. A rumor goes around the palace. since you found out the king is missing you think you should find him. But you know you can't do it by yourself so you tell your 2 best friends to go with you. They agree... Later you
see the evil DarkGrims sign. That's a good clue you know people around the palace knows about where the DarkGrims secret hideout is witch is his house. So you tell someone who knows about him and he tells you near where the DarkGrims secret hideout is but now exactly where it is. So you make a map and you decide to go and find your king on the next day with your 2 best friends... This is a 3 player map where you go adventuring and find you king and become the new heroes of the palace...

                   This is my first custom map so i hope you like it. :D


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