Minilands v4 - Iced! (Survival + Adventure map by Icy)

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Hey guys and girls, it's me Icy and I'm back with newer, better version of Minilands!

I've decided to completely rework entire map and make it even more entertaining than before. You can look forward to old - reworked and expanded lands, but also to new lands, new traps, better treasures and overall better look of the map. The map has been though through as much as possible, to make every place exciting and worth to explore. If you played this map before, I can guarantee you won't regret playing it again; and if you're new to this map, then what are you waiting for? :D

Map by itself has no particular rules, but for the best experience play with a new character. That's all from my side, now it's up to you. I wish you exciting exploring and a lot of fun! (You can post your playthrough here and I may feature it.)

DOWNLOAD - latest version

Please consider downloading map from here, as you will support me that way. Thank you! ~ Icy ~

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