The Beginning of Adventure


This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Terraria. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Here is the story... You are a Terrarian, weak, powerless, defenseless. Found at the entrance of the Dungeon, the Old Man brings you back to his house. When he comes back to pick up your armor, the ancient curse attacks him. In attempt to save his soul he bounds himself with the curse. After waking up, you read a letter. Right before the Curse took 100% control, he was able to write a note to you. Here is what it says,

"My dear child, I'm sorry I wasn't able to return. We could have lived together, fished together, went hunting. But, when going back to the dungeon to receive your armor (since it was to heavy for me) I was attacked by the ancient curse that guards the dungeon. As i was an old man, I couldn't fight it off. It took complete control of me, stripped me of my elegance, and destroyed my very sense of judgement. Do not come back for me, you do not know what magic where dealing with. His power is beyond any Knight or Hero in our books.Coming near it even sends chills down your spine. Even when you see me (I can not move from the entrance of the dungeon), I will be possessed. I can limit my self at day time, but at night the curse has 100% control over me. But, even know things seem hopeless, I somehow know that you are a brave warrior, and that you will not heed my warning. When the time is ripe, you will come and fight the ancient curse. Weather or not you are successful, I pray for your health, so stay alive till we meet again." - The Old Man

4 Years later, you mature, the Terrarians give there supplies to you, and you go. Not far from your Home Village the Eater of Worlds destroys your village. Out for Vengeance you prepare for you quest to defeat the Eater of worlds and save the Old Man!

Precentage Done: 95%

I will not release this Project till 1.0.6, since many of the major changes will boost the performance of the map.


I've decided to split the map into a Series, The Beginning of Adventure (95%), The Climatic Duel (Planning Done), The End of an Era (Planning Done). Please Comment on what things to add to make the outcome better. If you have any suggestions PM me, if you would like to Alpha Test the map, you must PM with these requirements...

1. You have created at least one Map (Link to it) 2. Have Hamachii (I have trouble PortForwading but will soon finish :) 3. (Optional) Have created custom made Sprites.

Another thing is that for my map you will be provided with an HD Texture Pack and Custom Sprites to further accomplice the story. I will be done soon and post work on my latest creation (i.e Grass Temple).


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