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Your main objective is quite simple!
All that you have to do is to capture all the gems you can find and place it into your team base!Simple right? Well not quite... You see, in this game, you also have to mine a tunnel to access the opposing base to steal their gems, AND craft your own gear in order to get past the other players who will try to steal your gem too!There will be one player who will host the entire game, so be sure to listen to the host at ALL times! The Host will also spice the games up by operating special events that either make the game easier or harder for you, depending on your circumstances.Now what is a fun game without rules?
Here is a list of some fair rules!

Rule number 1: Always have PVP on at all times!

Rule number 2: Ensure you're in the same team color as the one you've been assigned to! (Red or Blue)

Rule number 3: You may only take the opposing team's Gem! You may not touch anything else in their base unless instructed by the Host, and you may not place or remove ANY blocks in either base unless instructed by the Host as well!

Rule number 4: Cheating is completely unallowed! This means you may not smuggle any item that could enhance your chances of winning, unless you're the Host.

Rule number 5: Smashing altars are strictly FORBIDDEN! Altars cannot be replaced without refreshing the map with a backup, and you might not be able to have fun anymore if you smash an altar here...

There are several stages in this game:
You proceed through the enterance and go through a hidden door provided and enter your base and start on the host's word.
In the pre-hardmode map, the first team to win capture the diamond will be granted boost gear against the final host boss of pre-hardmode.
After that, you will proceed to the hardmode map, you DO have permission to carry on all of the items you receive in the prehardmode map, and round 2 of CTG starts on host word.The winning team gets boost weapons against the final host boss of the hardmode map.Have fun in there and Good luck! 

Map Created and Edited by Glitchy the Robot
Ideas suggested by Rhodesmith.


After Update: Server will now say what layer both teams are on only once.

Added Rule: Do NOT break wiring,announcment boxes,sensors,presuure plates,etc.

Also after update: heart and mana chest added along with purifacation powder in player chests.


Update creators and suggestors: 🗡🔥『Crimson Warrior⚔Aka Taurus』🔥🗡,The Moon God (Rhodesmith) ,best name 4ever