Main Land

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This is not being worked on and is outdated.


Map contents: NPCS, Farms, Arenas, And Fishing areas. However there is just the NPCS at the moment unfortunately.


Small Story: You were sent to take ownership of an small old house with just 2 people living there it seemed like there was work to do.




Why is there no farms, arenas, and fishing areas?

A: It'll be added somepoint so please wait patiently.


Is this a starter world?

A: Yes, it is a starter world, if your wondering the seed is 1, corrupt, and large.


Is this not going to be updated?

A: No, silly. I will keep updating till its done.


I created this world myself, and i try my best for a great description also a good world.


Bio: My name is delight_steam and this is my first project, Call me >Delight as its my steam name.






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