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I made this map originally for friends but it turned out good to im here to share it with everyone else. There are 3 dungeons that up to 4 players can play, in each dungeon there are parkours and puzzles with a boss at the end. There is a fast travel systems when you die and plenty of treasure chests with enough loot for everyone. This map will bring back memories from when you played the game originally. This is my first map and probably only map unless if I get a lot of positive feedback.

You can probably contact me in my youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/Sl4yerkid If you have questions post them below

All errors fixed! but if you do end up finding another glitch then please post it below so I can fix it! New images as well! (not very good ones b/c buildings are too big) By the way Hyrule field is not the end, you need to walk across it (like in the video game), just a feature i thought i'd add in =3.