Legend of Gaia

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Type: Adventure

Players: 1 Player only

Time to complete: anything between 1-3 hours for advanced users

Difficulty: medium


The very obvious reference to the Legend of Zelda-series has, as one could guess, absolutely nothing to do with the crude story of Legend of Gaia. You are the hero, there is something evil, you get to fight it - that's about it. I'm thinking about how to effectively put some story into Terraria maps, but there are very few good solutions to implement it as of yet. As for the details: the world your character gets thrown into is called Gaia and it is threatened by an unknown evil. Of course, you have to do what it takes to save the (few) inhabtitants of Gaia!


- full-fledged adventure map

- discover towns, dungeons and a hell lot of treasures

- non-linear progression - finished a dungeon? Come back later to grab more loot with your new tools!

- including the latest 1.0.5 items

[Rules - aka before you start]

1. Play by the rules! Otherwise you would only spoil the fun by yourself.

2. Create a new character to play this map. It would not make any sense to bring any items with you and play it.

3. Read every sign in the game carefully as they will provide crucial info on the story or where you have to go next.

4. Place your pickaxe and axe inside the chest provided at the starting area. You are NOT supposed to put your shortsword away!

5. Do not buy any items at any vendor. You may make an exception to this if you failed to use the items you found correctly and they are gone.

6. You may use items dropped by enemies or lying around on the floor (i.e. mushrooms). Exception: Goblin Invasion. Damn those sneaky little ...!

7. Enjoy the game!




For more information and changelogs visit the official post on the official Terraria-forums! Totally official! http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/adventure-single-player-legend-of-gaia.34622/


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