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Kuzuna's City (Journey Mode) 1.4 will start downloading in 5 seconds...


I started a town that separated every NPC to their favorite bioms and that makes them happy. 
it's not a perfect build. you can take care of it after you got this map (continue from where you feel like it need more cares)
All town can be access with Pylon Teleport 

Take care of this world for me, My quarantine is ended at (8/6/2020) this map will not be update after this (I don't have time)

Current : 
Forrest (Guide , Merchant , Zoologist , Golfer)
Desert (Arms Dealer , Steampunk , Dye Trader)
Jungle (Dryad , Witch Doctor , Painter)
Ocean (Angler , Pirate , Stylist)
Snow (Mechanic , Cyborg , Tax Collector) - if it's Christmas Santa would appear but sorry. (continue build his house for me)
Caverns (Clothier , Goblin , Demolitionist)
Hallow aka rainbow land (Nurse , Wizard , Party Girl , Tavernkeep) - under Tavernkeep and Party Girl there's Area for old one army.
Mushroom Bioms (in the sky) (Truffle) P.S : this biom have underground hub with Pylon under it. normal Pylon would need 2 NPCs to activate but the special one is no need. (You can use Mushroom Pylon when Travelling Merchant being d**k and spawn with Truffle)

it's not a perfect map for somebody but i put some free time creating this world around 4 days since it's journey so it's easier, you can use TEdit and chance it to classic world if you like
It was 0% exploring cave but bosses are defeated (TEdit can change that too) . Thank you for reading ! have fun!