Jamesfett's map so far


Warning: This project is experimental. Its files will not synchronize across the CurseForge network.

Lots of stuff on this map so far, maze to far left, some flat parts for builders, one flat part next to the huge arena has a mine underneath it with everything you would need, farm to the left past the tree house, mushroom farm down the hellevator, rapture (under water glass city) to the far right still being worked on

blue base is made, red one needs to be worked on, mage tower and dark temple in here some place too, also wooden flat part in jungle for jungle hut city or somthing i dunno make somthing cool, idea of flat parts is for people to add to this allready amazing map that i made, i give credit to i be orange too as he helped me with some things and is a great builder

arena with pyramid hotel on top is my crowning achivment though, im very proud of this

also a smaller arena for 1v1's just above the pub, more of a training zone really, the big arena can be too big sometimes and was really designed for 4 way deathmatch or 2 big teams as it is huge

hope you enjoy, message me what you think at jamesfett@hotmail.co.uk


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