Homelands (WIP)

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Renovated Dungeon Entrance

Where the Skeletron boss and Cultist happens. I've renovated the front. Extending it to be a bit more longer. Added a bit of pizz zazz to the wall columns. And you can see the base of what the Old One's Army arena looks like up the top.

King's Temple (Before)

As you can see this is what the King's Temple looks like. But is unfinished.

Cactus Shape House

You can visit this place via 3rd Teleports row in Telepads room. Third teleport right.

Oh I've forgot to add the pressure plates on either sides of the candy canes.

Alchemy (old)

This is what the Alchemy place currently looks like.

Multi Themed Mansion General Boss Arena

Here you can fight Skeletron Prime, King Slime, The Twins, The Queen Bee, summon the golem (but won't work at the moment as mushroom biome underneath conflicting with the jungle biome) and also Summon The Destroyer.


Fishington is at the left side of the map. And can be accessed in the telepad room, on a teleport.

Multi Themed Mansion (Before)

He is what the Multi Themed Mansion looks like.

Love Cupid Area

This is what the "Love Cupid Area" looks like.


Added in Homelands Normal v1.2 and later files.

Cactus Shape House Updated

In the Homelands Normal v1.2 file and later file versions. You would see the Cactus house furnished. Also added defenses around the cactus shape house.

UFO on Mansion

In the Homelands Normal 1.3 file. You would find a UFO shaped house on top of the multi themed mansion. There is a teleport linked to it for easy access. When you switch the side switch. The UFO lights will cycle on and off to make it seem realistic.

TARDIS exterior

In the Homelands Normal v1.3 file plus future files. If you take the Prince and Princess castle teleport via telepads room. And go to your right direction after using that teleport. You will find a Doctor Who TARDIS exterior there.

Snowman shaped house

In Snowington you will find a snowman shaped house to your left from Snowington teleport.

Multi Themed Mansion v1.2

From the Homelands Normal v1.2 file. The multi themed mansion had undergone some renovations. In the later file v1.3 update. The multi themed mansion has been improved more so.

Basement Storage v1.3

The basement storage had been renovated and improved a bit. Instead of the normal stone slab theme. I decided that area needed colour and improvement. So I renovated the style. To give that area more character.

Love Cupid Area Right End

Love Cupid Area Left End

Boss Arena v1.4

In the Homelands Large v1.4 file coming soon. You will see this area appearance been improved from wooden platform to multi coloured platforms.

Planterra AFK Arena

Been released in the Homelands Large v1.4 file update. And has been explained in the actual file description.

Hourglass Shaped House & Alchemy

Crypt Armory

There's over 320 weapon display racks. And was released in the Homelands Large v1.4 file update.

Multi Themed Mansion v1.5

Exterior has been improved.

Prince & Princess Castle v1.5

Mostly furnished inside. Will be updated in a future file update.

Kings Temple 1.6 Update

Tetris Heart-shape sculpture

Fishington 1.6 update

UFO Improvements

Has interior appearance updated. And resources silo tanks.

Tetris Area (Unfinished)

Hell Mansion 1.7

Coming Soon.