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This large map features:

-4 different files, each for a different game difficulty.

-Complete towns for all pylons except Mushroom and Universal.

-An arena in the desert for Old One's army and bosses.

-Customized drunk Underworld (great for WoF w/ LavaShark or lava walking).

-A graveyard with housing in case you want to buy something that is only sold by an NPC when living in a graveyard.

-Corruption and crimson (originally a crimson world). -Massive meteorite on the left edge of the map, it is only there to avoid falling meteors from hitting the buildings, if you plan on using meteorite on your playthrough and want to keep it as legit as possible then I recommend mining some after you defeat the goblins.



This is my first atempt at building in Terraria and any reviews or criticism of it is welcome, I wanted to share this map with other people because I know how frustrating constantly playing with only wooden boxes can be and how difficult or time-consuming building something nice usually is. Apart from the towns, the world is pretty much untouched, I didn't want to build any fishing ponds or crazy arenas because people usually have their own preferences with those, also they're not too difficult to build, there's only very few eye-candy details here and there when outside towns.


There is more than enough housing around the map for moving NPCs, I wanted to keep NPCs in biomes that made sense while still keeping everyone pretty happy, you can always change this if you need to optimize discounts:


Purity: Guide, Merchant and Zoologist.

Ice: Goblin Tinkerer, Mechanic and Tax Collector. Desert: Dye Trader, Arms Dealer, Nurse, Steampunker and Cyborg (the latter two living in the steampunk airship)

Jungle: Dryad, Witchdoctor, Painter and Truffle.

Underground: Barkeeper, Demolitionist and Clothier. Hallow: Wizard, Party Girl and Golfer.

Ocean: Stylist, Angler and Pirate.



How to install: Drag all 4 files (or only the difficulty you wish to play with) into your world folder, it is usually Documents/MyGames/Terraria/Worlds