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I found two deep living trees in a map, and decided to build them into a treehouse village, with housing between the leaves and branches. After hours of searching new maps I gathered enough living tree furniture to decorate and build the house. I also cleansed the corruption, making this world almost completely pure.

The treehouse complex lies to the west of the starting area, past the corruption. (While the corruption is cleansed, some chasms are still visible)

Beneath the eastern tree there is room for a mushroom farm, and some mushroom grass is already growing there. Beneath the western tree there is a natural cave leading to some half-looted underground houses and a mushroom biome. Beneath the middle tree is a large open space, possibly a storage or crafting area.

Ideas for the map: Build a non-wood fortress on the other end of the map. And then use the map for team based PVP or CTF. Or just use it as a nice map with a cozy wooden living space.