Explore and Fish


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not finished yet working on it. **SPOILERSSPOILERS ---->>>** //in the left ocean I have a cute little cafe thing with Dynasty Furniture and I got the idea from Happy Days when he was doing an underwater build. the spawnpoint is near a above ground forest fishing pond and if you have decent wings or flying equipment (jetpack or better) theres a 30room npc home which I'm working on getting all the npcs I have teleporters in that home going to both oceans, the underworld and my skylake home. I have a jungle grass pyramid thats wired and actuated with a switch umm theres a generater for the combinable liquids to make blocks (honey, lava, water, honey)? umm I haven't dont much to the right other than a jungle home for the Witch Doctor with a large pool of water to fish for jungle fish and underground pool is not far below (I have a pathway leading to it also one leading to the underground forest ones, to the right again I have a pool above and below ground in the frozen biome. I think thats it.// **<<<-----SPOILOSSPOILERS**

Named it Aincrad from SAO the anime the humongous floating Castle (which I plan to build at some point somewhere..


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