Dracula's Castle and other extras (Island of the Po Boy) will start downloading in 5 seconds...


Greetings fellow Terrarians


Are you tired of playing on random seeds and empty worlds?

Have you ever wanted to play on a world with more structures?

Have you ever wanted to go through the horrors of Castlevania in Terraria?



Well then allow me to introduce: "Island of the Po Boy."


Update message: So I noticed some oversights that I made in the map and I had to fix them, which means I will have to update the files for download as I have made the changes required to fix what I accidentally left unchanged or unfinished, so if you have the older version of the map I apologize since you have to deal with these oversights you won't have access to the right side of the ocean (or the Crimson outside of the castle) until hardmode, the other issues were small and wont affect play as much as those but they still mess up part of what I wanted to do for the map. (More info will be delivered at the bottom)


This is a map that I've been working on for the better part of a month, in which I have built multiple structures either by hand or by aid of Tedit, which includes: multiple ruined towns across biomes, giant surface jungle trees, a few small changes to each ocean biome, a few other things (to be discovered), and of course Dracula's Castle.




The Castle was built over the dungeon, and you can access the dungeon from within the castle. I based the build off of Dracula's Castle from Castlevania 1, there are multiple secrets hidden within the castle's walls so keep a look out. There are also rooms to fight bosses, so if you wanted you could fight pretty much every boss besides King Slime, Queen Bee, Skeletron, Wall of Flesh, Queen Slime, Plantera, or Duke Fishron within the limits of the Castle. There are other locations that serve as "mini dungeons" for King and Queen Slime, Plantera, and Duke Fishron (Fishron's is different as you cannot fight him in said dungeon, as it is more of a temple to him.). The Castle can only be accessed at night for that is the only time the doors open, keep track of time to make sure you don't get locked in. There are switches placed in every boss arena to disable the music boxes used since they override boss music (for some odd reason).



There is a texture pack that I used when making this so I would suggest downloading it or part of the build wont make sense, https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/the-unholy-waters.94376/

I would also recommend the alter version of this Empress of light resprite for a different look while fighting her. https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/resprite-de-empress-of-light.96021/




There is progression to this map so i blocked off those areas with ores that you can mine once you get the right pickaxe (mostly for hardmode stuff). Now since I cannot build the castle out of unbreakable blocks to get the full experience the player will have to follow a guideline while playing the map: Do not mine through the castle as that would break the progression and make you a bit too strong before you're supposed to be. (Now obviously I can't stop you but I feel like doing that would ruin the purpose of the map.)



Now for a challenge for those who are brave, I like to call this "The Belmont way." In this challenge you will go through the Castle fighting enemies and bosses with nothing but whips (and a few minions, can't be completely impossible but its mostly a whip challenge.), will you join Simon, Richter, and the other Belmonts in destroying evil with the power of the whip? thats all up to you.


(Why is it called "Island of the Po Boy you ask? Terraria world name generation just put it as that and I don't really care to change it.)


I hope you enjoy trying this map out, lemme know what you think of it (Also if you find anything that you think either shouldn't be there or seems wrong so I can fix it).



Now to get this to work once you download the folder that contains the map (theres one for each difficulty), unzip the folder, then take which one you want to use and place it in your worlds folder (C:\Users\HP\Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds heres how you get to it.), then go in game and it should be there.


Patch notes 2.0: New files fix teleporter to the other side of the castle, placed water fountains where they were needed, and fixed accuators and wiring in the pyramid structure.