Death Arena!

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Death Arena

Death Arena it is PvP map with 20 different arenas to play in and 88 different classes to play with! It is best to play 2v2 or 3v3 with your friends!


  • Do not break any blocks
  • You and your friends must have same type of gear (Pre-Hardmode or Hardmode)
  • Some maps have their specific item which are in Glass chest. Everyone can use items from chest but they can take only 1 item.
  • All players must have 400 HP and 200 Mana before starting arena
  • You can't change accessories mid through game (in Arena)
  • Some Classes have vanity and you must put it into vanity slots (Vanity is always on left)
  • Do not interact with any NPC except Nurse
  • After use of class you must put it into that class chest

Arena making

If you want your own arena to be added into this map Download TEdit (If you don't have download it here: ) And fallow these steps: Arena boundaries is marked with Platinum Brick Remember to put teleport and sign near it for notes if you have to say And just upload it into Microsoft OneDrive and message me with link! And your Arena might be added to this map


If you want to add class fallow these steps: 1. Class name 2. Class weapons 3. Class armor 4. Class hook 5. Class vanity If you see that Class is overpowered or underpowered just say it to me and i will try to balance it!


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