Colbaria 3.0

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So awhile back there was a map called Colbaria made by cheiferik  for Terraria 1.2 and when the 1.3 update rolled out the map became outdated. Then Colbaria 2.0 was made by gooblaster, a fan of the original map who wanted to update the map for 1.3, but they didn't get very far in updating it. Then I decided to update it myself and here it is, completely updated for 1.3.  For those who do not know what Colbaria is here is the original description for it.


"Colbaria is a island full of both adventure and danger. Explore many full fleshed out unique biomes all hiding secrets. From high, icy mountains, to barren monster filled deserts to dark mysterious jungles. The map includes 5 dungeons all together. Including a hidden water temple and a hardmode keymold dungeon. There are things to do in each stage of the game from the first day to the end of hardmode. In many ways this map is harder. Tougher terrain, deadlier dungeons and better protected loot. In many ways it is easier. Loot is much more frequent and has much better modifiers then a regular map. If your looking for a fun filled adventure map this is the one for you!"


Links to the older versions of Colbaria

Colbaria 1.0:

Colbaria 2.0:


How to Install

Move this file into the Terraria world folder which can usually be found in: Documents\MyGames\Terraria\Worlds


For those who are familiar with Colbaria and want to know what I have added/changed here's a list

  • Added Over 40 marble biomes and over 20 granite biomes
  • Added living mahogany trees and underground jungle cabins to the jungle
  • Added underground ice cabins to the snow biome
  • Changed a lot of the loot from chests as I felt that some of it was either super OP or really UP.
  • Changed the underground mushroom biome near the spawn, I felt the whole area was really underwhelming so now instead of it being a corruption biome turned into a mushroom biome it is now a corruption biome turned into a hallow biome. With a surface mushroom biome right next to it.
  • The underground desert biome has been expanded
  • More floating islands
  • More normal underground cabins
  • Added a new area in the underworld: The City
  • Added an expert mode version of the world available for download


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