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See the File tab above... No, not THAT files tab.  The one to the right of the name (unless you're on the legacy site page).  See the picture for reference.  The website is kinda broken.    All game difficulties are available there.


News: Overhauled for 1.4.4. Lots to see. Congratulations to Titanium Filled Pancakes with the pivotal help of Hammy and Malkat for FINALLY being the first to beat the map on "No Mode" on Expert diffuculty, AKA not choosing any difficulty at Menu Island.  Congratulations to "My Jorts"... look what you've made me say... for soloing No Mode on Classic difficulty.



I didn't want to make this map.  There are other perfectly good skyblock maps out there.... but I kept having ideas.  I couldn't stop myself!

Firstly, what is a "skyblock" map?  It's a map where you start on an incredibly small "floating island" surrounded by void.  It may have a tree or water or lava on it, or it may literally just be dirt.  Often there are other small islands with different resources that you have to build to.  Why do people play skyblocks?  If you like a game, but are bored of it, a skyblock brings a fresh experience and new way to play.  It's also incredibly satisfying to start with nothing and build a whole world yourself, the way you want it to be.

So what makes Brutal Skyblock different and better than the other maps?

  • It's harder.  You have to face real challenges even before you start fishing... unless you chose Baby Mode.
  • It's easier too.  What?  The second island let's you select your skyblock difficulty: Baby, Veteran, or Brutal Legend.  It's 3 totally different maps in one!
  • Completionism.  All bosses, events, NPC's, biomes, accessories, armor, traps, and 99% of weapons can be gotten in this map.
  • Mobile compatible.  I use mobile map files.  When loaded on PC, the game just silently updates them.  No issues.
  • Multiplayer friendly.  I give out just a little bit extra of certain non-renewable resources to make the map "comfortable" for about 4 players.
  • Tiny! The world uses a crazy custom 2,000x800 block world size. About 1/2 the size of a small world.

A few things to keep in mind:  Don't get the skyblock mode difficulty confused with the game difficulty (Journey, Classic, Expert, Master).  That's hard coded to the map itself and can only be changed with a map editor like TEdit.  This is why there are 4 versions of the same map for every release.  I don't recommend playing on Journey (obviously) or Master mode.  Master mode is still possible, but with how hard life crystals are to get, most things will kill you in one hit once you reach hardmode.

Quick note:  This is a map, NOT a mod.  Don't call it a mod.  Why?  Because if it were a mod I would do something about the fishing grind.... In fact I plan to make a skyblock mod in the distant future.



Beat all bosses. Get the princess. New characters only. No cheating. No external items, programs, or forced holidays. Exception: AFK fishing with a macro/script is acceptable.



  1. 1.  Download the latest version for the difficulty of your choice from the "Files" tab at the top of this page (recent files on the right is useless for this since it only shows 1 file).
  2. 2.  Right-click and copy the .wld file.
  3. 3.  Paste it into your Terraria maps folder...


%USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds




~/Library/Application Support/Terraria/Worlds




On My iPhone/Terraria/Worlds

On Linux and Mac you MIGHT need to enable "show hidden files".  On mobile, you MIGHT need to download a file browser app.




Copy/Paste the link and delete the * to get in.  Sorry for the inconvenience, it's to reduce web crawling spam bots.

I've been getting a lot of random friend requests lately from random strangers not in any server I'm in.  If you found me here, do NOT do this!  Just join my discord (temporarily is fine) and type there or DM me directly.  I will ignore ALL unsolicited friend requests and I advise anyone else to do the same.  You never know what people will try to do once they get any personal contact info.



Like I said, I didn't want to make this map, but I was playing around with SkyTerra by ZapdosGuy29 and hanging out in his Discord.  At first I was just there do contribute some ideas, which I did, but they just kept coming, and eventually I had too many and just had to make my own map.  So a big thanks to Zap for inspiring me with all the clever ideas in his map, and I'm sorry that I ended up creating competition for you. XD

Other sources of help and inspiration for me were This Post on the Terraria forums that ACTUALLY managed to explain logic gates and wiring in a way I could use, and Khaios's amazing youtube tutorials and builds.  Finally, a quick thanks to Sammy from the SkyTerra Discord for pointing me down the right path on the limitations of sand, the sins of silt, and the glory of granite.



This shouldn't need clarification, but the Revised BSD license is fairly open.  Roughly simplifying the clauses...

  • If you redistribute all/parts of this project, the part that you used doesn't magically become closed source that you can withhold from others or claim copyright against anyone else who uses it.
  • If you do something stupid/amazing/malicious that involves using this code don't try to pin it on me.
  • I warranty nothing.  If you running this map kills John Wick's puppy-dog, it's not my fault and I had nothing to do with it.


Beyond that you are welcome to learn from, copy/paste or even blatantly steal any of my work from this map in it's entirety.


On a personal note, while I respect licenses and people's work, I feel that for map/mod/pack makers like myself, claiming exclusive copyright is hypocritical and ONLY hurts the community.  We build our work on the backs of the ReLogic team and through the inspiration of other content creators.  Without each other there are no maps, mods, or packs.  If any of my builds, ideas, or messages can help you make a better map or mod faster than you could by yourself then I'm just happy I could help.