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Terraria 1.3


This is something that a close friend of mine and I built together in the final months of high school Before Life. I have decided to share this with everyone as I have had plenty of fun playing this with my friend and I hope you do too! Please let me know how you feel about the map in the comments. Enjoy!


This world is:

1. Large

2. Crimson

3. Normal Difficulty

4. Hardmode (With all bosses defeated)


The base consists of:

1. A large farm

2. NPC housing

3. A crafting area

4. A potion brewery

5. A platinum coin farm

6. A vault (complete with labels)

7. A base defense system (traps)

8. A jellyfish, slime, and granite golem statue farm

9. A teleportation system throughout the base and map

10. A large glowing mushroom farm (with a harvest switch)

11. A centralized spawn area (initial spawn is the center of the base)

12. A Cute Fishron speedway (hanging water blocks in a straight line over the entire map)