Atmoria 2: WSK will start downloading in 5 seconds...


You suddenly wake up with no recollection of what happened, and all you remember is downloading the map and loading the world with a new character, filled with a large urge to escape. version is coming out within the next couple of weeks! (Hopefully by July 4th, but I'm really busy so idrk) And a few volunteer alpha/beta testers would also be nice. (You get your name + A vanity in the Hall of Fame and partial ownership of this project, which includes a cut of donations!)

Please note that the builds featured in the Sneak peak world might be changed in the final release, and are only 5 of the 20+ builds planned for this project.

To do:
 - More Eye candy builds,
 - Several Side Quests,
 - More Puzzles,
 - Balanced chest loot,
 - Boss fight at the end of all endings,
 - Finish building,
 - Fix the dang story,
 - Easter eggs,
 - Secrets! shhhh....