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this is a vanilla pre-hardmode journey world, perfect for anyone not a big fan of building, or just anyone looking for something a little different, or just a world with some interesting scenery and secrets to uncover.

***fair notice, not everything on the map is oc. I have compiled a few of my favorite publicly released terraria creations (some of Khaios's builds and TheCardiganKing's coliseum)
as well as a decent amount of my own. I have spent around 50 hours all up working on the project.***

There are a lot of awesome creations to discover, including extra dungeons, and a golf course.
House(s) have been set up and each pylon installed, all npc's minus the clothier are moved in.
Everything apart from that is left to do, it's up to you how you want to play from there as it is basically just a standard map.

Have fun, enjoy. Let me know if there's anything you would like to see added or changed.


Please let me know if you enjoyed this project in the comments, I may make another world similar to this in the future if enough people enjoy it.