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The Hallowed Empire of Terraria has existed for many centuries. Until now the great wooden wall has kept the Corruption at bay, but the wall is weakening and as unrest among the citizens of Terraria grows as they begin to resent the weak and cruel leadership of the Hallowstone coucil, the Empire is the weakest it has ever been. You must help restore peace to the lands of Terraria, and under the Hallowed people's guidance, destroy the Corruption once and for all. But as your quests unravels, you discover the seemingly pure Hallow is not exactly what it seems.

  • Start a new character and bin all starting items
  • Do not break or place any blocks unless explicitly told to or to continue your progress if you have somehow made the map uncompletable.
  • Do not take clothes or armor off of mannequins. (NPCs)
  • Do not craft anything unless you are told to do so. Other rules are included in the map, so read the signposts!

Note: This map is quite text heavy with an emphasis on story and creating a living game world rather than just pure action.

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