The Legend of Zelda - A Link to Terraria

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  • A fresh coat of paint. Three quarters of the map has seen a visual update with different materials, paint and more sloped blocks added.
  • The Seven Medallions(Souls of Might) have been replaced with The Sacred Jewels(Large Gems). New secrets are opened up by using the various Large Gems.
  • Because the large gems drop when killed, various piggy banks have been placed around Hyrule to safely store your Large Gems.
  • The starting dungeon has been updated with new mechanics.
  • The Seven Sages each have their own unique style of robes and hats.
  • Mundus Village has been redesigned and the Mayor's Vault now contains even more loot.
  • Hyrule Castle has been expanded. Introducing the Wizard's Tower, Library, and drawbridge with the Royal Forge getting an upgrade.
  • The Town Well has been revamped with new mechanics.
  • The Sky Temple has a new beginning section.
  • The Earth Temple has a new entrance, making the trek in and out much faster.
  • The Elder's Temple has a new Test of Wisdom, replacing the boring maze section.
  • Ganondorf's Ship has landed on the map, shattering the Glass Maze it replaced into sand. Ganondorf's Ship is anchored in the new desert, just east of the mountain.
  • King Slime has a new arena.
  • The Water Temple also has a new entrance and a new beginning section was added. Thanks to Vessyl for pointing out how easy it was to sequence break the Water Temple.
  • A large part of the Underground Jungle has been taken over with an Underground Mushroom biome lighting the way for you and giving you a reprieve from jungle enemies.
  • The Fire Temple has various improvements and balancing tweaks, making some sections harder.
  • Ganondorf's Lair has a new entrance.
  • The section to get the Temple Key has been reworked.
  • More secrets including more magic weapons for all the mages out there.
  • Added a secret quest to use biome keys that starts in the Wizard's Tower. Much like a classice Zelda trading quest, search Hyrule Castle between dungeons for biome keys that will unlock a friend in Ganondorf's Lair.
  • Star World 2 is now replayable thanks to a tip from TheWorfer27. Thanks man!
  • Thanks to Terrarian Legends for helping me troubleshoot falling trees in Mundus Village!
  • Thanks to the folks to helped beta test version 4.0, your feedback is incredibly helpful. A HUGE thanks to TheWorfer27, Terrarian Legends, Vessyl & Izzy!