Untold Stories of The Secret World

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Mission Clips


Looking for something to do during the lull between content releases? Untold Stories of The Secret World is a MOD that allows you to play missions created by other players. Click on the links above to watch the trailer or view mission clips.

But wait, there's more! The MOD also includes Untold Stories Lore that highlights fan fiction, art, music, and video creations from talented folks in the SWL community. When you are near a designated location or character, a red US icon will appear in the notification area. Click the icon to open the lore.

Feeling creative? Create your own missions for others to play in The Secret World. Solon has created an easy to use mission editor, or you can work directly with the XML. If your talents are in other areas, submit "lore" for players to enjoy while in the game. More details are on this page.

  • Install using the Twitch App or download and follow the instructions in readme_untold.txt.
  • Start a mission by selecting Untold Stories from the SWL menu.

NOTE: Version 4.0 and higher function only with Secret World Legends (SWL). You can continue using version 3.3 in The Secret World, which you can find in the TSW mods section.


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