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I have been creating NPC's for a long time, almost to the point where I can flawlessly create new ones.  I decided instead of using templates or tutorials, I will give you the power to create an NPC with ease.  Hence my NPC Creation Tool!  Select a system name for your NPC and create your NPC Disposition!  Manifest is just a few clicks away!  Schedule?  No problem!  Dialogue?  At your fingertips!

Now you can continue your projects with a primitive loading system.  Simply put the exact system name for your NPC and it will load the folders.  Use the load Recent buttons in the Dialogue Boutique and Schedule Studio to load the data.  (It will update every time you click generate)


There is no install instructions.  This is not a mod, extract the folder to where you want it and run the exe!
All your NPCs will be saved in the Export folder.

If you need a little help understanding the controls, see NPC Creator Wiki for information. (still working on it)

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Current Features:

  • NPC Dispositions is created by selection of certain items.
  • Declare the names of your spritesheet and portraits.  This will automatically put them in the content.json.  Just place your images in the img folder.
  • Manifest Creator takes all the guesswork out of creating a manifest.json
  • Links to Cane's Modder resource and Stardew Valley Discord if you need help!
  • Link to the Stardew Valley Modder's Wiki now Available!
  • New NPC Gift Tastes Interface!
  • Shiny new Schedule Studio to build  your Schedules!
  • Dialogue Boutique to create your dialogue with ease.
  • Added in 1.7! Animation Station and Schedule Dialogue find it within the Schedule Studio!
  • Added a Portrait Viewer to Dialogue Boutique.. preview your NPC's Expressions including seeing the code to use it.
  • New Disposition for 1.8  You now have the ability to have an alternate disposition and even put the conditions in (this is advanced)
  • Locations File created for convenience.  All fields pertaining to locations use this.  You can update the list manually through Schedule Studio.
  • Disposition now saves!  You can always recall your information now.
  • 1.9!! New Look, with a smaller interface and unnecessary controls removed
  • 1.9!! You can now load your projects with a pull down menu!(if you have an old project, you will need to redo the content.json and Disposition)
  • 2.0!! Integration for the Position Tool!  Use them in tandem to generate schedules faster!
  • 2.0!! Dialogue Boutique Improvements!  You now have buttons to add common dialogue commands as well as adding the portrait directly.
  • 2.0!! Schedule Studio updated to accept the data from the Position Tool.  Make schedules faster and more reliably!!
  • 2.0!! Cleaned the code and did some bug fixes!!
  • 2.2.4!! Dialogue Boutique enhancements: Now has Independent Mode, loads any dialogue json files you have.
  • 2.2.4!! Dialogue Boutique now monitors both normal and marriage dialogue while you work.. be sure to click SAVE.
  • 2.2.4!! Dialogue Boutique now automatically loads all your dialogue and shows them when you select normal or marriage dialogue.
  • 2.2.4!! Dialogue Boutique can now export dialogue to where ever you want it to go.
  • 2.2.7!! You can now play the animations in the Animation Station.  It will play exactly as you would see it in the game!(it's kind of janky though)
  • 3.0!! Introducing the Event Studio!! You can now create events from NPC Creator, they are not linked to any NPC so you can save it to anywhere.
  • 3.0!! You can load Event jsons that you have already worked on, load files from the Event Studio, or even load event jsons from extracted xnbs
  • 3.0!! You can edit Events you've completed or even Copy/Paste individual events!
  • 3.5!! Introducing a simple Festival Tool to add in your NPC to festivals.(WIP)
  • 3.5!! You may now add in extra sprites and portraits.  Be sure to follow the _ format to use them in events.

Future Goals:

  • Create a more intuitive gift tastes interface
  • Schedule Tool - Create a basic schedule for your NPC
  • Image Load - Instead of naming and adding the images, MCNPCC will upload your images 
  • Event Creator - Create events with a database of commands. (this will take a while to make)