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This mod lets you buy a tractor (and tractor garage) to more efficiently work with crops, clear twigs and rocks, etc:

For non-English players, translations are included in the base mod. Contributions are welcome!

  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  2. Download this mod and unzip it into Stardew Valley/Mods.
  3. Run the game using SMAPI.


Buy the tractor garage (with included tractor) from Robin and wait until she's done building it. Then just get on the tractor, choose a tool or seeds or fertilizer, and drive. You can also press backspace (configurable) to summon the tractor to your current position.

These tool features are enabled by default:

  • Axe clears twigs / weeds / dead crops.
  • Fertiliser fertilises crops and trees.
  • Grass starters plant grass.
  • Hoe tills dirt, digs artifact spots and ginger, and clears weeds.
  • Melee weapon breaks mine containers, and (if dagger or sword) cuts dead crops and grass.
  • Milk pail collects milk from farm animals.
  • Pickaxe breaks rocks, clears weeds / dead crops / tilled dirt, and collects spawned mine items.
  • Scythe harvests crops / bushes / flowers / forage / fruit trees / long grass / spawned mine items, and clears weeds / dead crops.
  • Seeds plant seeds in dirt.
  • Shears shear wool from farm animals.
  • Watering can waters crops and cools lava in the volcano dungeon.

These features are disabled by default (you can enable each feature by editing the config.json):

  • Axe can chop bushes and trees, and clear live crops.
  • Melee weapons can attack monsters. This is overpowered and not recommended if you want a balanced playthrough.
  • Pickaxe can break flooring/paths, and break placed objects.
  • Scythe can collect machine output.
  • Slingshot can fire one projectile/tile/second in the aimed direction (that's nine projectiles per second by default). This is hugely overpowered, but will consume ammo at a voracious rate.

You can optionally change how the mod works:


Compatible with...

  • Stardew Valley 1.5.5 or later;
  • Linux, macOS, and Windows;
  • single-player and multiplayer. In multiplayer mode it must be installed by the main player, and any farmhands that want to use the tractor features. Farmhands who don't have it installed won't have any issues, they just won't see the tractor textures or be able to use its features.

Pairs well with:

Mod conflicts:

  • Farm Expansion or Stardew Realty: compatible, but do not build the garage in the expansion area. You can use the tractor there, but make sure not to leave it there overnight.
    Harvest With Scythe Mod: will cause various scythe bugs when using the tractor (e.g. breaking placed objects, not harvesting forage, etc). If you're using the tractor to harvest, you can remove that mod since the tractor scythe doesn't need it.


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