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Stardew Valley Randomizer

*Updated for Stardew Valley 1.4, Use SMAPI 3.0 or higher*

A mod for stardew valley, that randomizes many aspects of the game, uses SMAPI.

The farm name is the seed, if you want to play the same randomizations as someone else.

Also works with multiplayer, since farm name is same for all players.

Google Document:


Install the latest version of SMAPI.
If you want to use steam (for mulitplayer or achivements) you need to set launch options to SMAPI executable.
Download this mod and unzip it into Stardew Valley/Mods.
Run the game using SMAPI.


  • Crafting Recipes Randomized
    • Almost all crafting recipes have 10+ new possible recipes
    • Level at which you learn recipes are randomized (+ or - 3 ish for most recipes)
  • Crop Seed Prices Randomized
    • Also fruit tree sapling prices
  • Music Randomization (Curated songs)
  • Mine Levels Reworked, more maps + randomized
  • Community Center Bundles Randomized
    • Hundreds of New Bundles (Each playthrough will have different bundles, but still the same number of bundles as Vanilla per a playthrough)
    • New Rewards (Some unobtainable in vanilla otherwise)
    • A Bundle themed towards almost every NPC
  • Farm Buildings
    • All buildings Materials required and cost randomized
  • Foragable Season spawns randomized
  • NPC Scheduling Randomization
    • (Example George goes to saloon on sunny days)
  • Fish Difficulty randomized
    • Some will be easier/harder/behave different
  • Critter Randomization
    • Chance for critters to be switched or change colors
    • Animations created where necessary
  • Chance for a Animal to be a bear cat/dog/chickens/horse/pig/ect...
  • Rain
    • Chance for rain to be look… different
  • NPC Skin Swaps
    • Chance for a few, or many NPC’s to swap spritesheet and Portrait.
    • Imported sprite sheets and portraits from sivs marriage mod (Credit to @sivolobwho), to allow marrying single NPC’s (Pam, Linus, Gus, Clint, Lewis, Marnie, Sandy, Willy, Wizard)
    • This is currently only a skin swap, no dialog has been added or changed
  • Intro Grampa Cutscene Madlib
  • Config file for turning off things if you want (its in StardewValley/Mods/Randomizer/RandomizerSettings.txt)


  • Npc swap doesnt swap before intro cutscene