This is just a little mod that I made for fun and doesn't really do anything major. Perhaps it kind of makes the valley seem a bit more whimsical. <3

I originally made this mod for myself, thinking it would be cute to have the eggs be reskinned to look like Easter eggs during the Egg Festival, but then I thought about "what if I could have these items spawn throughout the valley during that festival?". That's when I decided that maybe I can give some more alternative stuff that you can do while waiting for a festival to start or if you don't want to join the festival at all but still want something else to do. I'll try and make sure that this mod still keeps the gameplay balanced, however.

If you want to know what will be changed in this mod, what spawns, where do they spawn, and when do they start spawning, you can check the "Articles" tab here and open the "Mod Guide" or click this [LINK]!

Note: This mod does NOT add any new items to your game nor does it spawn in items that come from other mods.

Looks like someone has been leaving behind little colorful treats for anyone to take in the middle of spring.  Do you think you'll be able to get some of them? All of the eggs that you can find are covered in colorful foil too! Now how did that even happen?

Have the egg hunt OUTSIDE of town for three days! Colorful eggs and chocolate bunnies have a chance of spawning throughout the valley, all free for the taking. Take note though: those that have spawned but have not been picked up will disappear the next day! Oh, and no need to look for them in the desert or the beach because they don't spawn there. I don't think anyone would want them to be coated with sand.

The elusive crop fairy seems to be in a good mood this late spring and now the valley is growing more colorful with the new flowers! Little critters seem intrigued by the sudden overgrowth and decided to check them out, getting covered in pollen in the process.

Some flowers and spring forage are growing much more throughout the valley! However, this sudden growth also causes them to wilt the next day, so be sure to get them before they go away! These new forages will only spawn in the grassy and dirt areas of the valley, so no desert or beach flowers. There are also pollen spirits lurking about, but they're harmless. Maybe it's because they like you!

Our friendly junimos sure do love the smell and colors of a good potluck, and it seems like they want to lend a helping hand with the luau! However, the abundance of fruits seemed to have attracted the attention of hungry little fruit bats.
More spring and summer forage now spawn in the valley in the morning, as well as one special crop that you might find useful, whether you use it during the luau or not. Bats have a chance of spawning past noon until midnight, but they are harmless.

As we prepare to watch the rare and beautiful event unfold on the night of Summer 28, torches are somehow appearing in the valley that night. Is this a form of respect? A farewell?
Torches are now spawning in the valley from 6 PM until midnight on the 28th of summer. You can also see some moonlight jellies from the 24th until the 28th of summer. They cannot be caught. also idk i think its funny having junimos place fire hazards all over the valley lol</s>

Dance of the Moonlight Jellies shall be a quiet festival (no new things added)

The junimos are back at it again and are here to start providing crops as a part of the yearly harvest festival- or the Stardew Valley Fair. Where do these lovely little creatures get them? Do they grow them? Spawn them? Steal them? No one really knows, but we might as well enjoy it!
All of the crops now have a chance of spawning from the 13th of Fall until the end of the Stardew Valley Fair. Perhaps you will be lucky enough to get your hands on some year 2 crops in your first year!

Someone has been leaving behind little treats in random areas in the spirit of spirit's eve, but beware, monsters lurk as the day gets colder and darker. I wonder who could be the one putting snacks all over the place, and why are they leaving wild horseradishes too.

Snacks are now spawning in the valley during Spirit's Eve, as well as a couple of monsters. Remember, these spawns will disappear if not picked up by the next day! <s>Maybe all the monsters have eaten them.</s> And there is no candy on the beach, but you might come across other monsters instead. The type of monsters you'll come across depends on the map as well.

The beginning of the 8th of winter has this habit of getting extremely cold... So cold that ice crystals have started to form! It looks like the low temperatures have attracted another critter to start wandering about...

Ice crystals and Snow Spirits will now spawn starting the Festival of Ice until the 14th of winter. There is no need to worry of the Snow Spirits that may start to follow you, but they're a bit too cold to touch.

It's that time of the year again. The valley is cool, the colors are soft, the food is comforting, and the people are kind. It's the season of gift-giving and outside of your farm lies a couple of presents the moment you awoke. What could be inside them?

Present boxes will show up immediately on your farm at 6 AM. There will not be anymore that will spawn during the whole day, so what you'd get is all that's going to be available during that year's Feast of the Winter Star. The minimum number of gifts you'll find is 1 and the maximum is 5, so let's hope you'll get something good!

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Farmer and Characters
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