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Mystical Buildings is a Solid Foundations pack which adds several new custom buildings which can be utilized daily (or at custom intervals).

Buildings can set their own individual cooldown (in days) by editing the mod's config or by using GMCM. Each building by default uses a cooldown of 1 game day.

Quizzical Statue
This statue will ask you daily questions about the bachelors and bachelorettes and what items they love / hate. Answer it correctly and you'll be rewarded generously!

Statue of Greed
This hungry statue will offer to double any given items, though it may just end up eating what you give it!

Crumbling Mineshaft
This not-so-stable mineshaft will lead you into cavern with a vast wealth of ores. However you will only have a small amount of time before the mineshaft starts to collapse!

Warning: Any items dropped in the unstable cavern will be lost if not picked up before the timer runs out.

Obelisk of Weather
This obelisk lets you change tomorrow's weather according to your wish.

Orb of Reflection
A mystical orb that gives the odd bit of wisdom, along with a related buff that lasts all day.

Phantom Clock
This almost ethereal clock can spin back the hands of time, if you can give a Rusty Cog. Any progress made (crops, friendship, etc.) will be kept.

Note: By default the clock will go back 7 days, but that can be changed via the config file.

How do I build these?

  • Visit the Wizard's Tower and utilize the buildings book to construct them.
  • You can utilize the wizard's building menu after getting the

Can I build more than one of these?

  • Each Mystical Building can only be built once per player. If deconstructed, you may build it again.

Source code is available here.