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Walking through your greenhouse door now brings you into a small forest within the Junimos' world!


Expandable planting space by interacting with the large tree near the entrance.

Watering of all crops within the greenhouse, provided you keep the hut in the bottom right corner stocked up on produce.

Forest-themed greenhouse with some extra bells and whistles such as butterflies and fireflies spawning during the day / night.




    Empty your greenhouse, otherwise crops / placed items will appear incorrectly.
    Install the latest version of SMAPI.
    Install all the dependencies.
    Install this mod.
    Run the game using SMAPI.

Not compatible with any mod that replaces or modifies the Greenhouse.tmx map.

For Stardew Valley Expanded, please take the following extra steps to ensure the greenhouse is overridden correctly:

    If using Grandpa's Farm, then set Grandpa's Farm's config option LargerGreenhouse to false.

    If using Immersive Farm 2 Remastered, then set IF2R's config option Disable_IF2R_Greenhouse to true.

    How to expand greenhouse: Right click the tree's door to find out what the Junimos want in exchange for expanding the forest. Right click the door again with the required items held to unlock the expansion.

    How many expansion are there: There are 3 upgrades in total (see images for examples), each available after the next one is unlocked.

    How to get Junimos to water crops: Right click the hut in the bottom left corner with any produce (crop / fruit). Right clicking again with nothing in your hand will show how many days the Junimos will water your crops for.