Plan Importer

Last Updated: Jun 16, 2019 Game Version: 1.3.36


Nov 30, 2018

Owner: Platonymous

In Co-Op, only use if you are the host, and you have no extra cabins on your map (because they will be removed).
After the import is done, you can build your cabins and go on as normal.

Allows the import of plans that you or others build using the planner on

You can now import farms without exporting them first by using the id set on
For exp. this plan: would be imported by typing into the smapi console:
plan evil-impala-82
this will also create an import file in your folder, so it doesn't have to download the content again
if you however want to perform a new download and not use the cached file type:
planweb evil-impala-82


You have to be on a location somewhere other than the Farm to import. Make sure only to import plans suitable to your farm-type.


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